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And now for the random Simspons quote of the day:

Grandpa: That's not a war story! I'll tell you a war story. I was on P.T. 109 with John F. Kennedy. I was the first to discover his terrible secret.

(Flashback to the helm of P.T. 109)

Kennedy: Ich bin ein Berliner.

Grandpa: He's a Nazi! Get him!

(Crew jumps on JFK and starts beating him up.)

On a completely separate note, "sprechen sie Deutsch?" translates to "I like to capitalize all my nouns." I also think that "Je ne sais quoi" translates to "A little somethin' somethin'." (Seriously, it fits any use of that phrase!)

elusive_fish, tell me I'm right!

And I think we've just hit on why it's best for me to take Spanish come fall.
Ich bin einen Berliner. pssh, stupid Kennedy =)
(Deleted comment)
And this is why Kennedy got all the ladies. He was tasty and full of jelly.

Besides, who calls a jelly donut a Berliner. A jelly donut has jelly goodness, not Berlin-y goodness. :)
(Deleted comment)
I have spinster Aunts who could beat up Chuck Norris. And they eat jelly donuts for breakfast.
(Deleted comment)
Uhm, not to pick on your fine state, but do Texans ever give a flying rat's ass about people who mess with Texas? I mean our current President went around killing the mentally retarded, and no one gave him shit about it.
(Deleted comment)
1988? Were you even alive then? 'cause I was, and it wasn't all that scary, because in '88 Norris was already an old man with a walker.

When I visited Dallas in 1994, I got Don't Mess With Texas stickers for all my family because I couldn't afford real souveniers. Which is cheap, but, you have to love a litter campaign that gives away thousands of little tiny pieces of garbage.
I was going to comment on the jelly donut thing, but Lane beat me to it. Bastard. I should reply like 100 times to gerbilsage in his journal just to pester him.
(Deleted comment)
Nothing I say is worth immortalizing. :)

Besides, 1144 deserves meaness. LOTS of it. She's so dumb. And narcissistic. And have you noticed she likes it when you pick on her? Like all female Randroids she's a masochist. She needs to grow a brain.
(Deleted comment)
Nomenkapitalisierungen bildet übermäßigen Gebrauch von der Umschalttaste. Keins Gleichgetragen aus Umschalttaste. Sie nicht sogarsind in der Lage, zu erklären, wo sie ist, weil die Buchstaben werden alle weg getragen.

P.S. Babelfish ist kühl, weil ich alle als wie drei oder vier deutsche Phrasen vergessen hatte.
(Deleted comment)
Yes, well it doesn't teach grammar. :)