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alas and alack you just don't call me back...

And now for the random Simspons quote of the day:

Grandpa: That's not a war story! I'll tell you a war story. I was on P.T. 109 with John F. Kennedy. I was the first to discover his terrible secret.

(Flashback to the helm of P.T. 109)

Kennedy: Ich bin ein Berliner.

Grandpa: He's a Nazi! Get him!

(Crew jumps on JFK and starts beating him up.)

On a completely separate note, "sprechen sie Deutsch?" translates to "I like to capitalize all my nouns." I also think that "Je ne sais quoi" translates to "A little somethin' somethin'." (Seriously, it fits any use of that phrase!)

elusive_fish, tell me I'm right!

And I think we've just hit on why it's best for me to take Spanish come fall.
Tags: humor, school, simpsons
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