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I really have no idea what to say about this link. It came to me from exmormon, which is slightly upsetting because that is supposed to be a no-proselytizing community, and I responded as gently as I could. Still, it's hard for me because I read the about page out loud to alienus, and we laughed so hard my tummy hurts.

I know this is BS. My friends who are theists would say this is BS. Yet, what drives me up the wall, is there is a strong resemblance to this crap and what Christianity sells. The same rationality that leads all of us to reject that the Sun is vibrating towards the twelfth dimension is the same rationality that I used to determine that a rabbi who ran afoul of the Romans 2000 years ago did not magically take on all my sins through ritual and symbolic cannibalism every Sunday. Once your brain works, you see idiocy as idiocy. If you see through one, why not the other?

See, I'm an atheist. But so is EVERYONE. The difference is, I'm honest and consistent. See, all my Theist friends, they're atheists about every sect and religion they're not a part of. I know Mormons who make fun of Catholics, and vice versa, referring to each other's rituals as voodoo. And they all make fun of the New Agers, who are certainly rational thinkers when it comes to more traditional religions.

Consistency. Can we please be consistent and non-hypocritical about our beliefs? Is it really that hard?

In the end though, it comes down to the fact that people are going to want to believe what they want to believe. They will believe what makes them feel good and right and strong, regardless of all the evidence to the contrary. The self-congratulatory tone of that page, as if they held the only truth and were the only rational ones was just sickening. But is it any different from saying that you're the chosen people, or sending out thousands of young boys to convert people to the one true religion? Even I have that superior tone about me while writing this post, but I'm going to admit something right now. I could be wrong. I admit the possibility of error, and I study, and I look, and I am more than willing to hear out evidence that could shred my beliefs. But if you come at me with BS, I will call it such, cause it's not truth.

I don't claim to own the truth, and I don't claim it as my own. And as such, I expect the same courtesy. I don't want to hear about how this is my truth and your truth and it's all good truth. 'cause for something to be true, other things have to be false. Hypotheses have to be falsifiable. It's called the scientific method, and it really can be applied to all things. And i know there are moral relativists and pomos in my audience who are reading this and asking themselves why can't I just let people believe what they want. And I think it's mostly because I believe in the power of words and I know that if you put yourself out in the world, then you're subject to criticism. If you mislabel and misuse words like truth, then you should be called on it, and if you can't take it, well, go be a hermit, where you can stay in your little safety bubble and never have your truth popped.

I guess some people just feel they have to have some unique insight into truth that the rest of the world doesn't have. Look at the Trinity. It's not supposed to make sense, but if you take that leap of faith, you're in, and that's what's appealing. You're in, you're part of the group, and look at you, you have the truth, you own it, and the rest of the world is just wrong. But it's not rational. I don't claim to know it all, I just try and look at the evidence, and if it's false, I move on.

This post has gone on way longer than I intended it to, and I've probably pissed off and insulted 75% of my friends page, which wasn't my intent. Still, I'd like to hope that maybe, just maybe, I made someone think.
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That's exactly it. Once you recognize that you can be wrong, and a good portion of the time you probably will be, you admit that maybe it's not such a scary thing to think about religion as maybe being false.

Still, it's a big step, and you have to be unwavering in the idea that you can go on and still be honest, regardless of what you find out about yourself and your beliefs. If I am dogmatic about anything, it's that.
once our brains do work, they work perfectly, and truth is the inescapable result

I have to take issue with that. Human brains are far from perfect, and even after you've become a free thinker, you're still open to all kinds of coersion, conditioning and manipulation, both intentional and unintentional. Religious beliefs don't last for thousands of years just because people are stupid. There is something about those beliefs that appeals to people on a very basic level, that makes people want to belive them. It's easy to let frustration at believers blind one to how powerful religious institutions are. Most atheists these days are lucky to live in a society where atheism is considered a valid option. Otherwise, we'd most likely be like brilliant skeptics of the past, we'd question, but because of cultural constraints, conditioning and lack of a better option, settle for religion. Truth is very easy to escape from what I've seen, sometimes even for intelligent, rational people.
The thing you have to consider is that organised religions have centuries or millenia of trandition backing them up. The beliefs that have survived have done so because something about them about them appeals to people and makes them want to pass them along. Religion is one of the finest potential examples of memetic evolution.

This shit is made up whole cloth using undefined terms and goes against what every expert in every field will tell you is true. So, personally, I find people who believe this shit to be even more stupid than people who believe in organised religions.

Incidentally, I have to recommend you read Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer. He's an anthropologist who uses cognitive science and evolutionary psychology to try to understand why people have religious beliefs and why they have the specific religious beliefs they do. It's quite fascinating.
I think my main beef is that people who run away from religions tend to run straight into something that is just as false and potentially oppressive as the original religion. It's why we have so many Buddhists, Wiccans, New Agers who just don't seem to get that different is not better. I think that's my point.

Also, it may be different degrees of stupid, but it's still stupid, and it's still close minded, because people aren't questioning or putting their beliefs on the line.