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the world is full of stupid people....

If you do not know how to do the following things, do NOT press forward in your e-mail program.

  • You don't forward attachments of attachments of attachments. Forward the original e-mail. Not everyone has enough memory to open 50 Outlook Express windows.

  • Take out the addresses of everyone who has forwarded before you. I don't want to scroll through all the names of the friends of your friends of your friends. Really, it's not hard. You select and delete.

  • Clean up spacing, and those annoying little greater than signs. If it's important enough to pass on, it's important enough to make it readable.

  • Use a little discretion. Your liberal friends do NOT want to read racist editorials from some idiot in Tampa who has never bothered to pick up a history book written by a real historian.

  • Atheists don't want to receive messages of hope and devotion about your God. Nor do we want to be told to go live in another country because Americans "all" believe in God.

  • Think before you forward, do not forward everything. Some things are not worth passing on. In fact forwards that claim to be important are generally hoaxes, and you should double check on that little cancer girl in California before you send me her life story.

  • Jokes have been passed around before, and they get less and less funny in the re-telling. Don't send them. They just piss me off because I had to open 50 windows to get to them.

  • By cc'ing or forwarding things to me, you're giving my e-mail address to all your friends. And if they don't follow proper forwarding etiquette then eventually my e-mail address will be on yet another spammer's list. I do NOT appreciate this. If you insist on forwarding things to multiple people who don't know each other, use BCC.

  • If you don't use BCC, then your friend who doesn't know how to hit reply, instead of reply to all, is going to send me his opinions about the Tampa guy and how he thinks the founding fathers were all Christian. It's at this point that I will have to trounce him in a very public and open debate. I've made Conservative Christians cry before, and I AM GLAD TO DO IT AGAIN.

So, the next time you forward me an attachment, if you don't follow these rules, I will have to beat you to death in order to spare the rest of the world your stupidity. Thank you. Love, Amanda.
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