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half of the time we're gone, but we don't know where, and we don't know when...

Shirts I want to buy. Mainly, cause I'm an ass.

On a different note:

I watched the Dr. Phil on polygamy. I feel for those girls, and I wish I could spend my life helping teens with abusive religious parents. But, I don't have the time, or the money right now. But when I am done with school...

Anyway, alot of his advice was a little too religious. I don't know why deprogramming cult members focuses so heartily on getting them in "mainstream" religion. The authority problems still exist, and it's not like the Mormon church doesn't suffer from the same women issues.

They had one of the more prominent anti-polygamy activists come on and say, "No religion is about the abuse of children..." I think that's actually false, because all religion is fundamentally about indoctrination, or believe as we believe. There are just different extremes.

I also didn't like the way Dr. Phil tried to distance the LDS from the FLDS. Yeah, the LDS may have stopped practicing polygamy 100 years ago, but it's still very much a part of the doctrine. As one prophet put it, it's just not the time for it now. And Mormons believe it's practiced in heaven right now. Which is why the Mormons do very little to stop polygamy abuse in Utah.

Because it's still a part of the scripture, it's why so many people go into the FLDS, or people liked Elizabeth Smart don't escape their captors for nine months. Mormon women are taught to be a certain way, and polygamy is just the next step along the line.

Still, these complaints don't subtract from the whole program. It was still worth watching, and any national attention to the problem is good.

And at the end, there was a quote that really stuck with me. It was from one of Dr. Phils consultants, and I paused the TiVo so I could write it down:

"[It'] same system of mind control, not the same beliefs, but the same system of thought stopping, that you're not allowed to think negative thoughts. The same system of phobia indoctrination, where you're not allowed to think about being happy and fulfilled and with God if you leave the group. That only God is inside the group. So part of your healing is to learn about other contacts, other groups, learn about the psychology of healthy influence and unhealthy influence. Learn about theology, learn about God, learn about the bible and figure out what you want to believe, and such."

This really reminded me of what it was like to leave the Mormon church. It reminded me of my still Mormon friends. Especially the part about unhealthy and healthy influence, and learning about the bible. We all pick and choose our beliefs, and I think it's important to read the bible with an open mind, thinking about how it could be wrong. Christians are so quick to highlight the positives, they don't see the negatives, they don't recognize they pick and choose what to believe. Besides, there are so many contradictions in the bible. And no one ever talks about them.

Skeptic's Annotated Bible gives a new and interesting look at the bible. It's a very different perspective. And they have done the same thing for the Book of Mormon, a book that makes even less sense from a logical and scientific viewpoint than the bible.
I also think that healthy influence means being open to all or most ideas. If someone is telling you rated R movies will corrupt your soul, you have to ask yourself why this person wouldn't let you see the films and then decide on your own?

Anyway, these are just the random thoughts after watching the program. I might crosspost to exmormon...
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