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you mock me...

Conversations with elusive_fish are scary...

bug eyed earl04: Asian people have problems saying my name
DemonLama Amanda: eeee-Lie.
bug eyed earl04: yeah
bug eyed earl04: some people say it "uh-lie"
DemonLama Amanda: Like, uh-lee or uh-lie?
bug eyed earl04: sometimes I get "eh-lie"
bug eyed earl04: or "eh-lee"
DemonLama Amanda: Like Ellie?
DemonLama Amanda: hahaha.
bug eyed earl04: yes
bug eyed earl04: that too
DemonLama Amanda: That totally makes me question your masculinity, because I'm a bastard.
bug eyed earl04: you smell
DemonLama Amanda: Probably.
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