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So, in case you didn't notice the three page review in my last entry, I went and saw Batman Begins Friday night. I felt bad because around 9:45 artsyboi83 called and asked if Steve and I were still going and I told him I wasn't sure, we were both tired. So he decided not to come, but at the last minute alienus and I went anyway. I should have called. Hopefully, he'll be forgiving.

Afterwards, we went to the Andros Diner for burgers, and there was some racist going on behind me using words I do not use. Made me sick. I hate drunkards, but I always feel I should say something in those situations. Although I did say loudly, "Don't you hate bigots." Didn't help.


I spent most of Saturday working on the review, but I cranked out a rough draft in about four hours. I'm actually happy about this amount of time. I love to write. And I think I can do this. I want to do this.

Advisor Steve sent me an e-mail on Saturday telling me about the editorial changes for the L.A. Times. I sent him back this response:
Wow. Brave new world for journalists.

I use Wikipedia almost every day. Steve even goes in and edits articles about philosophy and science. I'm not that confident in my understanding. It's hard to balance the ideal of knowledge being in the hands of the people, but at some point you have to defer to an expert as well. What's interesting in Wikipedia are the articles that are in dispute. The ones I've found always seem to deal with religion. And I'm not sure the people could be considered a reliable source on the topic. At least when it comes to the facts.

On one hand I like that everyone has access, but on the other I'm really afraid of the tyranny of the majority. With wikitorials, and mixing up editorial staff at random, and making things more interactive, that fear needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.

It's weird that you sent me this, because I spent the afternoon writing and editing my review of Batman Begins for my blog. I saw it last night and the article just had to be written this afternoon. I just find it odd that in a little way I'm connected to all of these new innovations in journalism. I've not even finished getting my BA, and I'm already involved in the world of internet journalism, experimenting with what works and what doesn't, and trying to just hone my craft. I see all these new ideas, and they're great ideas, but it's weird to wonder how I'll fit into it all. I don't know if that makes sense.

Just wanted to share that little bit.

And finally, I wanted to link to this post from liberal because I was so upset after reading about this poor kid and his plight. Is it any wonder why I think religion is wrong?

Anyway, sorry for the link spamage. I promise no more posts like this for weeks, and weeks!
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