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From Dan Savage's column this week:

Last week the pope condemned divorce, masturbation, birth control, in vitro fertilization, living together before marriage, and same-sex marriage. According to Bennie, all of the above add up to "anarchic freedom." The headlines the next day? "Pope Condemns Gay Marriage as 'Anarchy.'" The headlines should have read something like this: "Pope Condemns Majority of American Heterosexuals for Private Sexual Conduct, also Gay Marriage."

He's right. I do not understand why gay rights seem to be the only issue on the liberal radar, when even American women's right to birth control hangs in the balance. We only have the right to BC by a 5 to 4 margin from the supreme court. And the pope is not the only Christian condemning the normal things the rest of us take for granted.

I just think associating healthy sexual behavior, like masturbation, safe sex, and living together before marriage as anarchy is a horrible thing, and it's not being reported. Not to mention the fact that while I'm not nessecarily pro-divorce, I'm pro-option-to-divorce. Imagine a world where you're not allowed to say, "Hey, I made a mistake." or "Hey, my husband is an abusive ass, I should divorce him." And I think that those options is what it all comes down to.

There are people who want to take away the options for the rest of us, so we can be just like them. They will do whatever it takes to relabel things like birth control as anarchy, even though birth control is a vital part of female health. I hate the fact that I almost started this sentence with,"I don't want to sound like a feminist, but." Still, it comes down to creating a society where women are on the bottom.

And that ties into the whole gay issue. The real problem Christians have with gays is they can't tell who's on top. Two women? Who's in charge? If those roles are diminished, then other women might get the idea that maybe they don't have to have a relationship where the guy is in charge.

In short, neo-cons suck. The real joke is they don't know what God wants. If God exists, and it's a pretty big if, then NO ONE has a pipeline to him or her. Faith supports the bible just as much as the quaran or paganism or whatever. How do we know God isn't pro-birth control and evolution. We don't. This is what most people of faith do not get, and it's why I am not a person of faith. My beliefs come from a different place entirely.

Still I don't know how to fight the neo-cons. I don't think any liberal truly does.
But...divorce is bad! You just aren't submitting to your husband's will enough, young lady! After all, Pat Robertson said the man is the Head of the Household and what Pat says is true. He told me to give him gobs of money and I know if I weren't doing that I'd no doubt burn in liquid hellfire every waking moment of my life; so I pay out the ass to the 700 club and LORDY DO I FEEL JEZUZ IN MAH SOUL!

Sorry. I don't know why I'm so bitter tonight. I think it's been a rough week, and it's all just coming out online. I agree with just about everything you said in here, and I'm glad you posted it: the left needs to regain a lot of the sensibility that it used to have (that I used to admire, and still look for), and deal with the same issues but include a lot of other equally important ones as well instead of beating a dying political drum (I think it's happening as a reaction to all the right-wing stuff lately, like the pope stating this crap. But, given his reputation, what can we expect? There'll probably be more like it in the future. I just hope the hub-ub that grows around it doesn't drown out significant issues.)

Anyways, yeah, sleepytime for me.
"...when even American women's right to birth control hangs in the balance. We only have the right to BC by a 5 to 4 margin from the supreme court."
Birth control (contraceptives) or abortion?
birth control. Although abortion isn't looking too spiffy either.
Where did you see it? I did a quick search but all I got was that Congress is considering a bill that would make it illegal for pharmacists to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions.
I got a letter from NARAL about it. What's your e-mail. I'll forward...
I lied. It was from Ms. I'm such feminist pundit.
Technically, the term "birth control" applies to everything from abstinence to contraception to abortion. While I'm a big fan of contraception, it can fail, and that's where the option to abort comes in. Therefore, any attack against abortion is an attack against contraception.
I showed this entry to my husband. He couldn't believe it. Especially the birth control part.


Those are the same exact reasons I have no religion. Conservatives can collectively kiss my ass.
I don't know if you read Dan Savage's column, (I think you might get a kick out of it, there is even an RSS feed for it for LJ, savagelove) but his big thing is it's one thing to give media attention to the sex issues of gays. He thinks it's rather silly, since they make up such a small percentage of the population and they don't harm anyone, but while liberals like myself are lending lots of support to the gay community for gay rights, we're not focusing on the hetrosexual rights that are being eroded. It's scary. The whole direction of the country scares me.
Canada here I come! =p