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CleverOne333 (3:26:10 PM): i deserve to die.
CleverOne333 (3:26:22 PM): i just actually put things on my myspace.
DemonLama Amanda (3:26:36 PM): I hate myspace.
DemonLama Amanda (3:26:38 PM): Add me. :-)

Sigh. I'm such a whore for friends. And I hate MySpace too. Really hate it. Call me pretentious, I don't care.

I've been spending a good portion of the day reading posts on liberal. What does it say about me that I can't stomach reading conservative anything?

I think there are three other things that need to be noted.

The first is that we ordered a new computer this morning from Dell. It should be here sometime next week.

I will get back to the icon making soon. I miss it.

The second is that I left a final message on my brother's voicemail this afternoon. I don't think I'll be sending him a wedding gift, unless it's a donation in his name to Love Makes a Family. He could call. I've tried. Tried really hard to contact him. But, I am persona non grata to my family save my two younger siblings. I may fly out to Utah for Christmas and stay in a hotel. I've not decided yet though. I really want to see Liz. We'll see though.
add me to your myspace! i'm pinko commie bastard -or- beth lehman