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I've not worked on icons all morning. Not sure whether to be glad or sad.

I have 388 paid days that I have to transfer to someone else now that I have a permanent account. The obvious choice is alienus. Still, what if he doesn't want to commit for 388 days. I think me and the house are the only things he's ever committed to in his life. :)

In other news, I'm hungry, but alienus went out to get sandwiches. So, yum.

I have to start eating sooner in the day. I've been up since nine and I've not eaten all day. I really need to stop doing that.
(Deleted comment)
He's a nut. I tried buying a Compte book off Amazon, but they wanted me to wait 4 weeks. And given that I needed new reading material now and I'm a cheapskate and wanted the free shipping I took it out of my cart. Maybe I'll combine it with my Harry Potter pre-order. Maybe.
(Deleted comment)
Oooh. Thanks for the tip.
(Deleted comment)
I just want to expand my reading repertoire. I used to be a voracious reader, now I have some time again, I want to start on the stuff that I wasn't confident enough to read before the college edjoomacated me.
(Deleted comment)
I think he'd deal. :)
id he doesn't want to commit, i sure will. :D
You friended me =P

You seem nerd-tastic (I mean that in a good-way-please-don't-take-offense)

Therefore, I friended you back.

Nerdtastic is very much the compliment. Thank you. :)