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This is why sventhelost is unbelievably awesome:

JediPing (4:47:54 PM): Don't ask.
JediPing (4:47:57 PM): OCD.
DemonLama Amanda (4:48:03 PM): You're very very strange.
JediPing (4:48:10 PM): Thank you! :D
DemonLama Amanda (4:48:25 PM): You're welcome. :-)
JediPing (4:48:36 PM): I've worked hard to become so.
JediPing (4:48:40 PM): But there's something I ought to tell you.
JediPing (4:48:44 PM): I'm not left-handed either.

See? She rocks.
Aw, shucks! Now just don't go telling me you're left handed, or I'll have to hit you across the head with the hilt of my sword. :D
mmmm. It's been too long since I've seen that movie. Maybe even a year. I should watch it.