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The new website is up. Well, it's not exactly new, but the content is all new. All my articles and essays from the last year have been added. I divided up the writing sections into articles and stuff other than articles. I updated the bio, changed the index page, and reworded the contact info. I also added a link or two and played around with a couple other things.

Towards the end I got a little creative with the captions for my photos and clip art. I think I quoted the Simpsons in more than one caption, which is a sure sign of tiredness. I couldn't get my stupid ftp program to work this morning, and since I just barely got it working, I'm hesitant to go fix the problems I've seen so far, which include messed up photos and improperly aligned text in a few places.

Still, the overall effect is still nice. I quoted i_am_lane in one of the articles. I think it was one that was actually published, but I am not sure. A nickel to the person who finds out which one.

Other than that, I need some rest. Go look at it people!

For those in the slow group:
(Deleted comment)
No, you're profound. I think it was from the editorial on polarized politics, which I took mainly from a convo I had with you xotia or whatever the heck his name is.
(Deleted comment)