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When I got cats, I had no idea the male ones would have nipples. It just never occurred to me that male cats have nipples. But they do.

Website is coming along. Slowly.
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Oooh! Pics?

Is this your first animal together?
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Cats are freaks. Occassionally, we get mice. Truman does not kill them. He brings them to us alive, un-bitten, and throughly groomed. Still, the mice tend to be rigid with fright, and understandably so. I don't have the heart to kill them, so I just put them outside and then come in and give Truman some easy cheese.

Btw, I love the penguin pj's of the person holding the cat too.
(Deleted comment)
AWWWWWWWWWWWW! I think I am going to die of cuteness.
Of the cat!! Not your nipples!
I remember when I got Master William back in 1997 (unfortunately he only lived six months). He was my first male cat in a very long time and so I was only "used to" female cats. When I got him from the pound, he was filthy dirty (covered in urine, feces, and terribly matted) and it took me days to get him clean. Finally, he was scrubbed clean enough for me to work on the matted hair. I had gotten all but one "mat" untangled but one on his lower tummy was proving very difficult to remove. I reached for the scissors to cut it out...but at the last minute, decided to examine it a little closer to see if I could untangle it.

Ooopsy! It wasn't a tangle I nearly cut off...it was his little thingy. I hadn't realized that it would be "there" and I had forgotten that there were biological differences between male and female kitties. All I can say is that he was one very patient cat in that he let me try to comb his thingy off and he never meowed even once. :-D

My dog Yoko has 9 nipples instead of eight. I think animal belly buttons are cute.
I love their belly buttons. So very very cute. That downy fur on the underside covers all.