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Graduation was.....

It was good. It was really good.

I didn't trip, I wore my sexy pants and purple sneakers. I got my medal for the 4.0, so I was up on stage twice. Scary.

Everyone wanted to shake my hand after the ceremony, and before i was interviewed by some woman from the CT Post. Although I think that was a random occurrence and not for anything special.

Christine brought me wine. Alberto brought me a book and a cd and a framed picture of us. Christina made me cry when I saw her.

Eight of us went out for drinks afterwards. Genne'a couldn't make it, she was spending time with her sister. I'll get to her tomorrow.

I am looking for a nice wooden box on ebay that is big enough to hold my cap, gown, cords, stole, tassels and medals. So, if anyone sees something like that, let me know.

It was a night I will want to remember forever, and as nights go, a really big one for me. I think this has only been topped by my wedding and meeting alienus for the first time. Now that it's over I feel small again.

Maybe, tomorrow, I'll share the thank you note I wrote to Alberto.

Right now, I just think it's important to acknowledge I didn't do this alone. EVERYONE played their part. Right now I don't feel alone. It's not a bad feeling.

Maybe tomorrow, I can get more of this into words. Maybe not. All I know right now is what I feel, and it's pretty amazing.
Congrats!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear that it went so well for you, good job =D
(Deleted comment)
Uhm. Yeah. That's exactly what it was like. Exactly. :)