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This very moment everyone must go congratulate cleverone, because she, being the brilliant and wonderful person that she is, got into her first choice school, Tufts.

Yay Ashley! I knew you could do it. Just remember to give me credit when you write your first book, "Schmee Takes a Fall, and Other Stories of Growing Up." Because Tufts took you in so they can put you in their creative writing classes so they can take all the credit. But you really want to thank me. Really, I'm not selfish at all.

Seriously though, YAY!
That's friggin' sweet. I'd love to go to Tufts (mainly because Daniel C. Dennett is there and he actually teaches undergrads).

So, congrats, cleverone
wow i love your layout. anyway... haha i found you thru a search and saw that one of youre interests is HCC..