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Go vote peoples: Same sex marriage poll....

And vote the right way, my republican friends....

If you're against gay marriage, then you're against freedom of religion, civil rights, and basic freedoms.
Hey, I saw that you went to Housatonic and majoring in journalism. Well, so am I. You and I have the same opinion on gay marriage.


You're a journalism major too? Or just go to HCC?

We're both writers, regardless. Awesome.
both... just started classes last month.
Awesome. I'm in my second year at HCC. This is my first semester as an editor on the paper. Are you taking any journalism classes now?
I couldn't fit Journalism in this semester, but I'll definitely take it next semester.
Cool. The Basic Journalism class is only taught in the fall, and the Advanced class is only taught in the spring. But Publications is taught in the fall and the spring. It's a fun class. A lot of work, but you get published.