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I am starting a meme. It was inspired by cleverone, but I am starting it. She's my monkey. Also, because my Must List story idea was approved....

Just list the top five movies that made you feel like a different person after you had watched them.

For me they are:

1. American Beauty
2. Annie Hall.
3. Grand Canyon.
4. Good Will Hunting.
5. Garden State.

Runners Up: Dangerous Beauty, Primary Colors, and Elizabeth.
where are donnie darko, lost in translation, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, and about a boy!
I didn't feel different after Donnie Darko, just very confused. Drop Dead Gorgeous made me laugh. About a boy touched me. I never saw Lost in Translation. None of them made me feel like I was someone else.

Incidentally, Harry Potter 3 made me feel completely disconnected from my life, but I think it was because I was feeling extremely depressed and I needed to escape.
Have you seen Life is Beautiful?
Yeps. Although I try to avoid Holocaust movies. They just make me very sad. Although the best one I've seen is Conspiracy....